1. Naspers (NPN)

NPN shares have shown substantial growth and positive performance in the past year. It grew from a price of R2 052,28 per share on December 9 last year to R3 135,57 per share on December 8 at market close. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown, with restrictions finally easing, NPN shares performs well. The consensus forecast indicates a 100% buy, which further substantiates this stock’s performance.

2. British American Tobacco (BTI)

British American Tobacco plc and its shares, traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the stock symbol BTI, faced some challenges during this year as a result of the ban of tobacco products. Nevertheless, BTI shares have recovered quite well to a stable price of R573,53 per share, and a consensus forecast indicates a HOLD+ in addition to a 73% buy.

3. Bidvest (BVT)

Though BVT shares had to endure a challenging year, a smooth recovery is indicated for this share and a strong consensus forecast indicates an 86% buy on BVT shares.

4. Spar (SPP)

Despite the challenges faced during the year, SPP share performance remained strong, with an all-year high of R205,21 on November 18. SPP shares show strong performance during some of the most difficult times. The consensus forecast provided also leans strongly to HOLD+ for those who possess SPP shares, and shows a 50% buy for prospective investors.

5. Sanlam (SLM)

SLM shares have endured during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially following the nationwide lockdown when shares sold for R45,44. However, SLM shares made a smooth recovery and show a stable performance for the remainder of the year. The consensus forecast currently stands at HOLD+ for current investors, and 67% buy for prospective investors.