Business overview

Prosus was formerly known as Myriad International Holdings N.V. The company changed its name to Prosus N.V. in August last year. Prosus N.V. trades its shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange under the stock symbol PRX. Prosus N.V. specialises in e-commerce and the Internet. The company operates Internet platforms, including classifieds, payments with fintechs, food delivery, travel, education, e- tailing, and a variety of others. Prosus N.V. has operations spread across the Americas, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. According to the trailing 12 month (TTM) financial performance, Prosus N.V. obtained a total revenue of R4 086 000, operating income of -R546 000, and pre-tax income of R4 160 000. The EBIT indicated amounts to R4 389 000, with the same figure indicated for EBITDA.

Share performance and growth

PRX share performance shows a substantial improvement when comparing the price of R59,39 on December 11 last year with the current average share price of R92,42 currently. PRX share prices saw a substantial amount of increases and subsequent decreases, especially a notable decrease to R49,32 on March 18. However, prices increased considerably to R63,74 on March 25, indicating an adequate recovery. Throughout the year, PRX prices gradually increased, and notably spiked on May 13 to R82,32, May 20 to R83,72, July 21 to R88,78, and to an all-year high of R96,92 on November 6. The consensus forecast on PRX stocks indicates a 5% sell, 20% hold and 75% buy. This stock is currently regarded as a viable option for prospective investors.