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Lotus Academy is an online, immersive, learning platform aimed at providing education and skills in the unique area of trading financial instruments. Lotus Academy aims to provide valued research and insights to both retail and professional traders.

Our learn to trade Cape Town services are aimed at equipping investors with all the tools necessary to  become profitable in the financial markets. These services include, but are not limited to,

* Market Outlooks and Research
* Intra-Day Analysis with detailed trading ideas
* Training and Mentorship (E-Learning courses available)
* Live Market Commentary across reputable platforms

As a digital academy, Lotus Academy operates primarily in the African market, but does also cater its services to clients from all over the world. The products and services offered by us are a combination of our own, as well as those of our trusted partners. While we do not provide any advisory or discretionary services, we may express opinions on these services in our own capacity for our clients.

The academy is a privately-run organization that focuses its quality services on an ongoing basis through various platforms and initiatives around the CFD industry. Our deep rooted expertise and confidence in our content allows us to breakdown and educate in the most efficient manner. The academy also strives to use its impact to positively contribute towards the education-focused sustainable development goals of the United Nations for 2030. With us you can learn to trade Cape Town.


The first step in learning to trade the financial markets is to learn how to read charts and price action. Price behavior can also be decoded using scientific and fundamental analysis. Practice makes perfect, or at the very least, it helps a novice to test their ideas before investing real money.

When you’re ready, start learning to trade by following these five easy steps.

Open an account with a reputable online stock brokerage company. If you already have one, it’s a good idea to keep your professional trading account separate from your personal account.

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Finance journals, stock market books, website tutorials, and other resources are available. There is a wealth of free knowledge online. It’s important not to concentrate all of your trading efforts on a single feature of the game. This website has a lot of free tools.


Learn the fundamentals of technical analysis by looking at tens of thousands of price charts through several time frames. Market activity that deviates drastically from underlying dynamics is what traders live and die by. Traders live and die by market behavior that deviates dramatically from underlying fundamentals. While fundamental analysis tracks growth curves and revenue sources, traders live and die by market behavior that deviates dramatically from underlying fundamentals.


It’s time to put your money on the line and test the waters. Paper trading, also known as virtual trading, is a good choice because it helps a novice to track real-time market fluctuations when making buying and selling decisions that serve as the foundation for a theoretical performance record.


Though experience is a great teacher, don’t overlook the importance of continuing your education as your trading career develops. Classes, whether online or in person, can be useful, and they range in complexity from beginner to expert (with tips on how to interpret the aforementioned analytic maps, for example). Today is the last day to sign up for our completely free online course.


Investing in the stock market is fraught with risk. Before you start investing in real-time, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of the stock market. Investors should start with small sums that they can afford to lose if the market goes against them; it is preferable to avoid investing by selling assets or borrowing. Traders, especially beginners, should avoid attempting to time the market; as the price rises, more people invest, and as people sell to book income, the price falls rapidly. Investors sometimes make the mistake of selling stock as soon as its price starts to fall, which should be avoided.

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It’s a good idea to learn the fundamentals of technical and fundamental analysis before getting started with online trading. This will assist traders in better understanding oscillators, averages, trends, and trend lines, allowing them to make better decisions. To help you make better investment decisions, the majority of trading members provide research reports and analyst recommendations. When developing their own trading strategies, traders must keep an eye on stock market volatility. Trial and error, as well as prompt approach alerts, aid in achieving positive outcomes. When traders lose money on their trades, it’s important not to lose faith in the market.

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